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Doing Education The Right Way - Book Cover

Doing Education The Right Way - Book Cover

Clodagh O'Mahony
February 6, 2018

This book cover was designed as part of my portfolio. It was my first time designing a book cover, so the process was new to me. The book title was created using a generator, as well as the authors' name. I designed the cover based on the book's title - Doing Education The Right Way. Overall it was a fun piece to create and I am looking forward to producing more pieces like this in the future!

I really enjoy simply but yet clear design. I wanted the title of the book to reflect something simple. This is why the lightbulb was chosen. The font used is clear and legible and suits the style of the illustration used on the book.

The colour palette was chosen to compliment the lightbulb. While using a restricted colour palette I was reminded of the fun and benefits of simple design. The colours used in the piece compliment each other. By working with just a few basic colours it is easier to control how they relate to one another.

Firstly I sketched out the lightbulb on paper and traced it in Adobe Illustrator. The text was then added to the illustration. I then added colour to the lightbulb using a colour palette I had chosen previosly. I chose the font once the lightbulb was finished, I did this so it would be easier to find a font that suited the illustration. It was then brought into Adobe Photoshop and placed on the book.

I tried out a different process than I normally would. Often times I don't sketch out the design before going into illustrator. I found by sketching the preliminary design that it really helped me in the overall design process. It was easier to execute and it gave me more time to focus on the colour palette and font - areas that I normally leave until last. I enjoy the simple design of the piece and it reminded me that less is more!

Clodagh O'Mahony

I am a Creative Digital Media Graduate with a 2:1 honours bachelors degree from Cork Institute of Technology. I am a creative individual who loves learning new things. My main area of interest would be in graphic design and illustration.

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