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Dolly Redesign

Dolly Redesign

Alex Estamato
February 1, 2017
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  Dolly is a Brazilian beverage brand, which created the first Brazilian diet soda, for this project I have used the following keywords.
Stronger: One of the keywords of the project is strength, so the logo was created for this purpose based on geometry to also facilitate its readability.
Happy: Joyful colors were chosen representing the joy of the Brazilian and his diversity.
Minimal: The whole project is under a concept of minimalism, so even the logo does not appear stealing the entire label.
Evolved: The texture created from rings of trees, was to represent the evolution of the brand and the Brazilian nature.

The brand has been in operation since 1987 and is well known for its affordable price and many childish advertising campaigns that make adults feel embarrassed whenever they buy the product, so my idea was create an visual identify that caters to different audiences and that is not childish, for this reason i used the black tones in part of the branding.

I've used Photoshop (for lables and layouts), Illustrator (for illustrations, logo and vector files, and Cinema 4D extensively for packaging renders, at first I created a texture based on tree rings, fruit illustrations and I chose all the colors, then I chose the fonts, created the layouts and went to the hardest part, renders (Where I gather everything from the project).

The price of the soda Dolly is the most affordable in its category as compared to the numerous others on the market, many Brazilians expect local brands to take advantage of serious visual communication as international brands do. People aren't proud of the current standards of most local brands and even prefer to pay more for international ones despite the local being more affordable so most people accepted the project very well, with the project I learned to wait more for better results, when you want to do something well done, something big you need more time.

Alex Estamato

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