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Door Projects by Rachel Jones

Door Projects by Rachel Jones

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November 27, 2015
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The last time illustrator Rachel Jones was in Paris, she couldn't help but notice all of the beautiful architecture, most specifically, the doors. There were so many beautifully, intricate doors that were all so different from one another, and she wanted to capture all of them. She decided to take photos of as many doors as she could to use for a later project, and now, a few years later she stumbled upon them and decided to finally illustrate them.

RR_LC Door-18

PP_LC Door-08

I tried to focus on the geometry of the doors in the most simplistic way, while still maintaining as much of their intricate details as possible. After further exploration, I also tried to unite their very different shapes and styles together through a limited color palette.
-Rachel Jones

OG Doors_Poster-04

OB_LC Door-04

I'd say that my style is inspired a good deal by minimalist designs and how designers work with shapes and space. I also am very inspired by my environments. I love getting out of my house and walking around to get inspired by the scenery around me, whether it's the nature or the architecture, there's a lot to be inspired by outside!
-Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones

GG_LC Door-14

My advice would be to stop and take a look at your surroundings. Set some time aside everyday to sketch, even for a few minutes about anything! It really helps get creative ideas out and the more you do it, the less intimidating a blank sheet of paper becomes. (I know that might be cliché advice, but I honestly started doing that this year as my New Years resolution, and it's been one of the best things I've ever decided to do!)
-Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones

About Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones is a graphic designer/illustrator and currently a designer at Fathom Creative in Washington, D.C. She spend much of her free time painting, and drawing both digitally and traditionally. Rachel also have a background in art history and love to surround herself with beautiful art at museums or architecture by just walking around the city. See more of her works on Behance or he Instagram page.

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