Doordarshan Branding

Doordarshan (often abbreviated “DD” and दूरदर्शन in Hindi) is the Television Wing of Prasar Bharati, India’s Public Service Broadcaster, which is one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world. Doordarshan logo over the years has inspired deep nostalgia of an era when the public broadcaster was the only television channel of the country. With the opening up of Television market to private channels, a whole generation of youth need to connect and identify with DD.

My challenge was to create a logo recalling the strong nostalgia associated with the DD brand. A logo which reflects the aspirations of new India.

Research and Development:
The existing branding is having simplest elements but lacked personality, consistency and the visuals for their core values.
As the logo is for Public Service Broadcaster, my main selling point is a combination of two ideas:
1. Satellite Dish
2. Human Eye

I believe in doing less work and more of research. Here is my Logo design process :
1. Starting with “Why”. Why you need a brand? Why you need to rebrand? etc..
2. Defining problem statement.
3. Research based on Creative brief (Inspiration from photographs and not ready-made designs from other designers, just to make sure my design is unique)
5. I create color palettes from the photographs which I select.
4. Combination of ideas.
5. Illustration, Proofing(Golden ratio) and Choosing right typeface.
6. Presentation

I used Adobe Illustrator to create logos and Adobe Photoshop to create presentation.

There is always takeaway from each project I do, that makes me more experienced when I do another one. I always do a internal audience review to make sure that the final design communicates actual meaning as expected. The challenging part was to recreate a logo recalling the strong nostalgia associated with the DD brand.

Farooq Malik

Visual Design for Websites, Web applications and Mobile applications.

Other Making Skills
Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design, HTML/CSS, Audio/Video Editing, Motion Design, Space Design.

Business Skills
Client Management, Experience Strategy, Team Management.