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Dosting Soap Re-Brand

Dosting Soap Re-Brand

Aji Nugroho
November 8, 2019
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Dosting is a soap local brand from Indonesia. Dosting was taken from the acronym of "dosis tinggi" (high dosage). The product contain a high dosage of kojic acid originating from Japan, one of the ingredients that are widely used by beauty industry to whitening skin and other beauty purpose.

The original design from the company use the hazard or nuclear icon as the main logo to represent the symbol of caution about how the product should be used in a proper way instead of using beauty or green icon to assert the core value of the product: natural and beauty. So, the objective here is to re-design its appearance as it should be: a natural and beauty soap brand.

The most disturbing thing from the original packaging of the product in my opinion is the hazard logo/icon. The logo needs to be moved to the other information column, and make a new one that represent the value of its product: natural and beauty. I choose to replace the letter O with the new logo to make it look more efficient and creative.

The next thing I do is re-design the whole look of the packaging. We can see that the previous design of the packaging is so yellow. I mean, it's only yellow with the hazard logo. Seems like its not the beauty product isn't? So i choose to add some more natural and beauty element that match for the industry and commercial purpose.

During the design process, I primarily used Corel Draw to create the whole design and move to Photoshop to create mockups for marketing purposes. This set of software that I use is quite suitable for a work of packaging design. But currently, the most common tool for package design is Adobe Illustrator. Another good option is Adobe InDesign. If the package design is primarily photographic, I’ve occasionally done such work directly in Photoshop rather than doing the extensive photo editing in Photoshop, then placing those images in InDesign or Illustrator.

The response was very positive from the client and customers. Most feedback included positive comments about the unique design and nice colours.

Through this project, I learned about how a design should be able to become a bridge point between two desires, the company and the customer. Design is the main determinant. Good design can solve problems.

Aji Nugroho

I am a Graphic Designer from Indonesia, currently based in Solo, Central Java. Im doing illustrations, business campaign visions and other marketing collaterals.

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