Downey Farms Organic

Downey Farms is major potato innovator and producer north of Toronto. They approached me to create a new brand for their organic line. This new ski would inform consumers that these potatoes are organically grown and tasty, but produced locally as well. Information that consumers love to hear.

Since 1924, four generations of Downeys have grown potatoes—selling to consumers, retailers, processors and restaurateurs. In keeping with the heritage look and feel I created for Downey on their corporate communications and other product lines, I kept it simple with large type and colour coding for easy identification. The packaging is purposefully bold and meant to stand out against Downey’s more slick competitors while clearly informing the customer of what they are buying.

Everything starts with an idea and a sketch. Once the concept is approved the build begins. In this case the software used was Adobe Illustrator. Once the design is at a happy place, production files are created and off it goes to press.

the client loved the concept and consumers reacted well to the new product line. They really stand out on the store shelf against the competition. The package has won a couple of awards which surprises me because the design is dead simple, but it’s true to the client and their offerings and that’s what’s most important.

Work hard.

Shawn Murenbeeld

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