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Kevin sanchez
January 23, 2019
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Fan art of one of the important races of world of warcraft.
elaborated with time and esforced and so much love to video games,
For me, World of Warcraft has been an important part of my life and it does not matter if in reality now I have not played as constant as before. Video games can help develop someone's mentality. After there is a good story, the rest will be irrelevant.

I was practicing conceptual art, and what better idea than doing it with one of the most beloved and beloved games of all time. i choose to making in digital, i look is very intuitive to sketch
Even the final art, digital art is the best that exists for an artist.

i did with adobe photoshop and a wacom.

I began making light sketches in a behind the camera that I showed in a while, then I perfected it in gray scale until I reached the level of detail I wanted, then I started to fill in color and then with more details and color adjustments and perfections I finished it.

very good,I hope to help to learn to draw and continue with that. with pass of time, i hope to grow up i this Little by little I polish my style, I look for it, I experiment with every new thing I do, I think about it, I want to innovate and this kind of things take me out of the comfort zone in which we all sometimes like to be, but not For me, my search for conceptual art just begins and develops constantly.

kevin sanchez

Graphic designer, illustrator, and soul adventurer, currently engaged in animation and VFX.

"I learn every day of the environment that surrounds me"


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