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Dragon Bubble Tea Corner

Dragon Bubble Tea Corner

Polina Polyakova
December 18, 2020

This project is a corner located in a shopping mall. It’s a small space selling unusual teas, fruit drinks, coffee and milk drinks.

When creating the project, I focused on two criteria, namely brightness and naturalness. Therefore, the choice was made towards different shades of green: from pastel green to rich green.

The frieze features stabilized plants, which are backlit with neon lighting, and a lightbox logo. There are bright green glossy tiles in the central part. The table top is made of terrazzo. The front of the rack is made of metal siding and is illuminated.

The project was made in 3Dsmax and Render Corona, the post-processing was done in Photoshop. Besides the corner itself, for greater realism in the visualized picture, I added some corners and walls of the shopping center and other surroundings, including people, which can hypothetically be located there as well.

The client was pleased with the project. The deadlines were tight, but we made it through. There was an option to add more pictures with cups of tea, but the choice was made in favor of neatness and conciseness. I was aimed to express the brightness using the materials, but not the product photo.

Polina Polyakova

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