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Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul

Karina Lopez
April 11, 2018
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Dragon Soul is a personal project, I recently saw a beautiful paper dragon and I really wanted to make an art piece that incorporated that awesome creature. This illustration will be printed on a few envelopes and 4x6 for purchase.

I love green and red together they really compliment but contrast as well.
I wanted to add a bit of shadow so it looked like a paper cutout.
I wanted to mimic a construction paper look but also practice making different light sources in illustrator.

I hand drew the illustration first then used an app to scan and send it via e-mail, after that, I updated the artwork in photoshop. then used illustrator to vectorize the piece, all was created in one layer. Since I work in one layer I use the duplicate shortcut a lot and the eraser and pen tool a lot. it can be tricky but fun. I also used my Intuous tablet to draw out the hair strands and smaller finer details.

I learned to draw a dragon! No, in reality, I normally only draw girls and flowers, but animals have always been a difficult thing for me. But the only way to get better and improve is to draw outside your comfort zone and I feel happy with what I came up with. I hope to incorporate more animals in the future.

We all have that dragon spirit, also if any of you watch dragon ball super their English ending song says "Dragon Soul" Hense the title.

Karina Lopez

Hello, Im Karina Lopez, Illustrator and graphic designer.

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