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#DrawThisInYourStyle Challenge

#DrawThisInYourStyle Challenge

Maria Julião
July 27, 2018

#DrawThisInYourStyle is an Instagram challenge made by some illustrators that encourages other illustrators to develop their character design side. It consists in the recreation of their artworks in our own style. It's challenging when we try to redraw something in a completely different style but helps when finding a style.

I saw some illustrators sharing the hashtag and explaining the concept and I though it was a great ideia to get over some creative blocks (we all have them), share my work, get out of my comfort zone and practice my illustration style.
I choose digital art to develop my artworks since I'm practice a lot on this new support and it has a lot of tools to explore that helps you while drawing. Also it makes a very clear drawing with bright colors and clear details since is made on a computer.

For this project I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 and a drawing tablet called Wacom Intuos Draw.
I started with a simple sketch of each piece I wanted to create and then I made the line art with all the details I wanted to show in my final artwork. After that I picked a palette to use and started coloring with the base colors, shadows, details and then the final line art and the lights.

I think people showed excitement about this project since everyone was trying the hashtag and searching for new artists to follow their work. I had a great feedback from people and it was great to share my work with more artists. Also I saw an improvement in my art because I was drawing everyday out of my comfort zone and getting better and used to the supports. You can only see your improvement with a lot of practice for sure, it's the best advice I can give. This project helped a lot of artists to find their style, practice and meet new artists/styles.

Maria Julião

Graphic Design Student - Illustrator - Artist

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