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Dream talks  –  Hovory zo sna by Lukas Vanco

Dream talks – Hovory zo sna by Lukas Vanco

Marianne Piano
February 23, 2016
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Project Hovory zo sna, dream talks in English, is a personal work that aims not to impress but to express our own artist's feelings through visual impulse. For him, not everything is set on the right path in your life, relationships especially. Let's check out this art set!

I wanted to create something smart and obvious at once. Hovory zo sna are very personal, but not only for me. I am pretty sure that almost everyone experienced sell-out, regret, letdown, anyhow we can call it, in love. So I came up with silhouettes idea in negative space and fulfill the positive one with my very favorite poem from Slovak author, Valentín Beniak, called Hovory zo sna– Dream talks. Everyone who spots the silhouettes once, could image and apply him/herself to this role so entire concept is made as my personal, but on the other hand is approachable for anyone.

- Lukas Vanco


Poem talks about unfulfilled love between couple on the end of their life, trying to enjoy the tender moment of passion leastwise.

- Lukas Vanco



15_1 copy

Whole project took a while. First I had to set the right mood to the silhouettes and then pick the right font in appropriate size, leading and tracking. Helvetica Bold finally made the cut because of its tend to create a uniform and steady structure. Another issue was to pour this certain amount of text into the shape in the way that keeps smooth and compact looking image. Also I had to explore many variations how to hyphenate as little as possible and keep the text legible. Every single word is custom kerned to fits the best. From scratch, it took about 20 working hours.

- Lukas Vanco


I've found Adobe Illustrator more handy than InDesign because of its punctuality. Illustrator is able to keep the poured text in the shape as close as possible to the curve of the shape so this is why the silhouettes are so precise. I decided to made a seven limited copies with custom packaging that contains basic information about me and the project. Sleeve is made of black, heavier paper. To gain the appropriate effect, I’ve used dainty paper with discrete golden glints. Unfortunately, pictures don’t capture this nice structure because glints are visible best on daylight. Golden foiled sign is a mark of precise and detail work.

- Lukas Vanco



Think first, design later. And in the meantime, don’t forget to play.

- Lukas Vanco


Lukas Vanco is a visual artist, designer and calligrapher, currently based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Mainly focused on brand identity and typography, always with an eye for detail. He is inspired by lively lifestyle, and as a former graffiti artist, he loves street culture. He loves working on fashion, wine and art projects because of its wide range of creative possibilities. Also likes to experiment with implementation traditional tools to the modern ones. Currently a freelancer, working on various branding, editorials and his own typographic project. Updated portfolio and website coming very soon. See more of his artworks in Behance and follow him on his Instagram account.

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