This project intends to pay tribute to the Colombian players who participated in the World Cup in Italy 90 ‘, and was the last world which attended the Colombian soccer team after 24 years. His last participation was in 2014 in Brazil.

The idea comes at the moment when we see a special of the football world championship “ITALIA 90” in a sports tv program, Then came the process of selecting teams, worked in color (which had relation to the country it represented This equipment) and finally the graphic style was defined!

The software used was Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop … These two tools perfectly complement each other to develop this type of projects, since one gives you what the other does not have, but both are excellent tools that help make your work easier To all visual artists

We have received good reactions from people who have seen this project … and as for teaching, in every project we learn a little history, we visual artists we ended up being very complete in terms of knowledge, because we cover all areas of Different professions when carrying out a project!

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