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Dream vacation

Dream vacation

Dasha Yavid
August 22, 2018
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Camping is one of the best types of rest probably. Beautiful views, clean air and good company make your vacation unforgettable
There is a dream place in the picture. I tried to put in the picture all the best images from my head.

This summer my friend and I went camping for a few days. There were such beautiful views! And they inspired me to create that landscape.So when I came home, I just took my iPad and draw draw and draw.
I like a realistic style in drawing and I’m trying develop this direction.

It was drawing on IPad Pro. I used the Procreate app and Apple Pencil.
For a long time i was tormented in search of a perspective. Advice: if you don’t know how to fix your perspective in picture, you should just close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in your picture. If you don’t know how to draw some details, just find it in the Internet. It really can help you

I learned to draw some nature details like mountains or waterfall. It was my first digital illustration so also I learned Procreate brushes and functions. It’s easier than I thought... And what I really understood so this is what we have to set challenging goals, then we will develop.

Choose your style, learn your favorite artists and try again and again until you reach the satisfactory result.

Dasha Yavid

Hi there! I’m Dashkinson and I’m a Belarusian artist and designer. I study design in the university and recognize the world and myself every day.
I’m a dark knight of the digital brush and oil pastels.
2D illustration, concept art, design
Contact me by [email protected]

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