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Drive by Gus Petrikas

Drive by Gus Petrikas

Honey Adraque
September 23, 2015

Gus Petrikas always aim at simplicity. He is a man of few words, it's important for him to say what he needs to say in as few words as possible. This project "Drive" just reflects the whole purpose of the watch perfectly. It has no bells, no whistles. It's just something you wear when you drive. Read on and enjoy!

As a beginner watch wearer, I was amazed by how inconvenient watches were. We need to put effort in the process of checking time. Especially when driving, the watch face is facing away from your vision. This requires taking hand of the wheel and taking your concentration of the road completely. Not a good idea if you are a driver. I decided to fix this problem.

- Gus Petrikas





The linear watch-face was inspired by classic car gauges - narrow typeface, beige background and bold, visible time indicators. The watch face only has an hour and a second hand, due to the way I chose lay down the time increments. Every little dash is 5 minutes, therefore if the hour hand is between 1 and 2 - it's 1:30. Very simple.

- Gus Petrikas




I get my ideas mostly in my personal experiences. I really don't like lifting my hand to check the time. Also, I have plenty of challenges. The watch has a very organic shape. Rules of engineering do not apply to organic shapes. It's all about how they look. The tricky part was getting the reflections on the body nice and smooth, but keep a certain curve to the watch.

I had 1 revision for this project. I usually "get" an idea of a finished product in my head. All I have to do is replicate it in 3D. I give some minor adjustments while I'm modelling, but nothing major. I did mess up the face of the watch the first time. That meant redoing all renders from scratch.

- Gus Petrikas




About Gus Petrikas

Industrial design makes him a very happy person. He feels alive only when he creates. He is usually with his camera, out somewhere. When he's not, he spends his time modeling or esigning. Also, he runs a small 3D Visualization company called Surfake. You can fine more of his works on his Behance profile.

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