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Drive Club — Brand Corporative Identity

Drive Club — Brand Corporative Identity

David Silva
May 25, 2021
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It is not secret that people seek to fulfill their dreams. They make our lives brighter and happier. share purchase service values ​​each of these moments in our life and seeks to provide a unique experience in buying a car sport through quotas. Enjoy the time you drive.

Providing a saving of money, but above all, the realization of a dream.

The mission of this project was to develop a new visual identity for the Drive Club® brand, creating a closer, more solid and accessible visual system through simple, functional elements and vibrant colors. The new brand will need to be flexible and extended to all products that Drive Club® offers to consumers.

The logo explores the race tracks and the start / finish flag, but in a modern and experimental way. Each letter is a rigid geometric design with optical corrections purposely reduced to a minimum. They evoke the freedom and sportiness of the race tracks, while conveying a feeling of modern technology, and their symbol immediately connects the visual identity with the brand's services.

Modular grid 15-13 for brand identity assurance, all tools are controlled by the modular grid. This makes a relationship between shapes and images common in all tools, and has been defined to maximize their effect. In addition, everyone wants to be able to produce that relationship easily. A grid changes according to the various media. Together with this modular system, we seek to explore the design of typography in your media as a graphic support, making it even more versatile and unique, with modern and suitable characteristics for the brand's audience.

Our primary colors are called Brave Red, Hut Steel and Plane White. They were carefully selected to balance the bold, bold and imaginative side (Brave Red), with our confident and solid side (Hut Steel).

The color divisions defined here are intended to capture the emotional intent of colors and maintain their relationship between digital and print applications.

Starting the draft process on paper, we designed the letters that make up the brand logo. After several tests, successes and mistakes, we defined a style that matched the brand's attributes. Later, we scan the sketch and vectorize it in Adobe Illustrator. After this process, we used Adobe InDesign to diagram the pieces that make up the universe of the brand. To bring dynamism and interaction with users, we use Adobe After Effects to animate some campaign art and brand advertisements.

The acceptance was very positive both by the customer and by the users of the brand. We were able to convey all the attributes and personalities that the brand needed to pass on. In addition, we were featured in one of the largest Referral portals in the world, the World Brand Design Society

David Silva

Founder and Designer at Estúdio Kuumba, a studio governed by three principles: The passion for creating a great brand, or appetite for challenging work and the excitement of new projects. Projects that will make customers happy.

With strategy and a lot of study, it creates important and relevant brands for small companies.

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