Droops Coffee Maker by Eason Chow

Today’s feature is a coffee maker that redefines the experience of processing coffee in conventional coffee makers, this is called the Droops Coffee Maker created by Eason Chow, an industrial designer from Singapore. According to him, Droops is the sound made by gentle falling liquid which informs the design being a visually engaging and inviting to use. I hope this design will inspire you in your future works. Enjoy!

The inspiration of the project came from the observation of how coffee are made so conveniently and irresponsibly which created so much unnecessary waste of packaging with the process of dispensing coffee being so uninviting and informing for the fun coffee drinkers. This led to me thinking of how can the process be redefined and be fun. Drawing memories to my childhood, i remember the surprising and fun element of dispensing sweets from a gumball machine and every attempt is unexpected and interesting with items of different characters emerging. Therefore, i decided to adapt this element of surprise and fun into the design and even personalising the coffee pods with different possibilities to heighten the desire of tasting different coffee types.
– Eason Chow




Firstly, you will place the personalised soluble coffee pods on the top basin of the droops coffee maker and activating the process by a touch to the front of the nozzle (on/off) button. It is followed by streaming hot water that flows from the water vents at the edge of the basin which will infuse the coffee slowly and making the coffee pods disappear to a nice cup of coffee. With the final infusion of the coffee, the nozzle will allow the coffee to flow into your cup and presenting a “properly prepared coffee” for the user.
– Eason Chow


For the coffee pods, it will be covered in a layer of flavoured sugar, which has different thickness for different sugar levels that will suit different drinkers and giving them an identity on its own. Imagine a japanese coffee bearing the resemblance of a Fuji mountain. The coffee maker is designed to be stackable with the top heating and dispensing element (heating basin), the middle portion being the water container and the base which links to the power. The eventual stacking of these parts will complete the circuit by magnetic conduction thus allowing the product to function.
– Eason Chow


About Eason Chow

Eason Chow is an industrial designer from Singapore who is really motivated to create designs that made “sense”, particularly designs that are user centric and sensible environmentally, socially and functionally. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.