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Drop - Shower Tap Concept

Drop - Shower Tap Concept

Pascal grangier
March 6, 2018

Drop is an answer to raise awareness on how we use water. It is easy to forget about how much time we spend while taking our shower and difficult to tell how much we consume. Drop goal is to educate people about their water usage, by creating a new way to interact with the product and having the possibilty to see and track their consumption in a app.

The idea of doing this project is simply because I noticed that I was taking long shower and I was not able to know how much water I was using.
The simplicity of the design and the color and trim is made to give a fresh look and feel to challenge the traditional shower tap.

I started with a base observation and then tried to find ideas using sketches. Later on after refinement I started to build a CAD in Rhino where I was able to define the product, how it works as well as trying differents color and trims. I also went on the physical side by creating foam mock up to test the side and the ergonomics on different parts.

I would love to hear more about what people think about the project, because being aware of our water usage is an important topic nowadays and as designers we have a responsibilty to try to create products and experience that are on the positive direction.

pascal grangier

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