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DUET | project by studio écru

DUET | project by studio écru

Sunny Chiu
June 15, 2021

DUET Simplicity, a skincare brand that focuses on effective products made of natural ingredients. We decided to introduce their effort put into “Simplicity” not from the name but the visual identity. We suggested the brand simplify the once-decorative image into a more neutral, minimal, refreshing one.

Starting from renaming it just as DUET, we then reduced the colours in the palette and blended the botanical shapes into the strokes of fonts. At the same time, we highlighted the musical facet of the brand name with layout ideas, which brought us back to the slogan we wrote for the brand: Listen to your skin, respond with nature.

Along with the publishing of their new website, we curated 2 new products for DUET. In order to bring true feelings of using products with the online shopping experience, we named the facial cream “SATIN” and the facial oil “DAWN.” The softness took care of in copywriting, still reminds the customers about the warm attitude of the brand.

Our client found the new brand image is more relevant to their vision and their future plan.

Sunny Chiu

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