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Duo Seat Armchair

Duo Seat Armchair

Priscila Luna
September 5, 2019
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The Duo Seat armchair aims to generate a bond between two people, giving value to the aspect of "sharing", as it can be dialogue, ideas, opinions, knowledge, or objects through the base in the center of the armchair.

The concept relies on the space of time where you want a "break" from the daily work or stress, and you want to share this time with somebody, sharing something valuable.

As we live in the digital era, we need to develop more intimal products to encourage human interaction. The idea was to create a tangible object that can create a more creative or restful area, so I use warm and positive colors to transmit this through the shape and functionality of the seat.

Also thinking of the user as a creative person, which needs to share ideas, thoughts, drawings or knowledge with other creative people to make new things; this is the principle and main concept of my piece.

About the concept, we first develop research based on how creative people worked in a design studio, we developed a journey map locating the spaces that were not used properly with the aim of intervening them with devices that promote interaction, relaxation, and creativity in their respective cases.

To develop the idea of the product, I started to sketch a lot of organic shapes that can represent this "sharing" concept. Then, I develop a lot of variations in the 3D modeling Rhinoceros software, I like to think that the working space in the software is like a white canvas and you can freely explore a lot of forms, shapes, colors, and patterns. Then I made the render in Keyshot, using different colors in the scene and using scales of people using the product.

I learned the importance of designing based on the final user and their daily needs. In the end, that product is going to be living in the same context the user works, rest or coexist with other people, and that context is going to affect the actions, productivity, and mood of the final user.

This is just one of the pieces that result from this research, we developed more pieces which are part of the collection "Dispositivos". If you are curious about the other designs please let me know (:

Also, let me know your comments or thoughts about this piece, please

I love to talk about design in general: [email protected]
Thank you

-Priscila Luna

Priscila Luna

Mexican Industrial Designer, passionate about conscious, human and functional design. I firmly believe that design is a tool for creating value and meaningful user experiences through innovation.

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