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Luiz Felipe Andrade
July 14, 2021
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Durafloor laminate floors are in different textures and colors, with a high standard of quality.
The idea of this stand is to show which varieties of flooring the brand has and, through technology, show these models.
Through a tablet, customers can choose between different types of floors and see them appear below their feet.

Concept: Luiz Andrade
3D and Color Treatment: Luiz Andrade
Agency approval: Marco Centenaro and Allan Xavier

The Durafloor brand is one of the most important in the segment in Brazil, and having an environment that matches this quality is essential to convey the idea of elegance and sophistication.
The entire setting was based on the study of Durafloor's own brand manual.

For this work I used Cinema 4D software and for post treatment I used Adobe Photoshop.
In this project I didn't need to make a sketch or sketch because we already knew from the beginning what the main attraction of the place would be, and because of that, the structure followed a theoretically simple and functional format.

Those responsible for this project were me and my creative directors, Marco and Allan.

I think that in every project we learn something, as long as it is simple, it will always add.
In every job I discover something new. And it's important to demystify the use of programs as something difficult, it's just something we need to learn more, it's always going to be difficult to do and accomplish something on the first try, but the work only comes out when we dedicate ourselves to it, whether thinking of an idea or trying get a better result than the previous job.
The tip I have is "study, study and study"

Luiz Felipe Andrade

My name is Luiz Felipe, I work with art direction and 3D, I live in the city of São Paulo Brazil.

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