Dyson Supersonic™ copper version

The product is a copper version of the existing Dyson Supersonic™. The original design is in pink. But I found that the pink color is too often used on products for women. I though I would make my own version in copper keeping the interesting and elegant shape of Dyson´s design.

I love the original design of Dyson and wanting to see if it would still have the same elegance and feminine touch with the copper material. I think it does work well and contrast well with the dark metal. The Dyson style is fresh and the technology very interesting.

I used Rhino as a 3D programme to build my model and KeyShot as a rendering programme.KeyShot is a easy tools for renderings, it is not complicated to use with the drag and drop function of the material. It´s a very intuitive programme.

I got a lot of positive feedback especially from woman. They told me that they would be happy to see more products for women that are not automatically pink. The Copper give a nice texture to the product. I think I´m gonna explore various material and colours that could be used in products for women.

Elodie Lepaludier

Industrial design : Medical products, electronics, hospital furnitures, home care products and other consumer