Eco Pot by Julia Kononenko

Do you have a deadline to beat and you’re chained to your workstation, and you wanted to see something refreshing at the same time? The concept of this project is the answer to that. Studies have shown that plants in homes and workplaces help reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance employee attitudes, lower operating costs, help in “green building” design, and improve air quality. Let’s take a look at Julia’s work of art! Go green!

“Eco Pot” is a flower pot with an integrated pen holder.

-Julia Kononenko




A real green area, since this little wooden pavement reserve a corner for plants and one for pencils.

-Julia Kononenko




A nice idea that allows to combine in a single object two essential functions on a desk, the practical side to store pencils and green side to soothe the soul.

-Julia Kononenko


I live in Ukraine in a rather volatile environment in recent years, which is very difficult to be engaged in design. I try to do a lot of projects for the United States and try to take part in competitions and design weeks in Europe. My husband Artyom, is working on a part of the projects together with me. He makes a great contribution, including in the Eco Pot. I do not know what inspiration, I just need to sit down and start working. Now a lot of ideas, and almost not enough time to implement all.

-Julia Kononenko


I work mainly on projects that I like. Previously, I had to pay out of pocket for making my objects. Now there are partner companies who work with me and made the objects at their own expense and pay me royalties. I use the ideas that are born very spontaneous, I always know what to offer on any of the tasks. I try to work with wood, metal, stone and glass. I hope to master the plastics and new materials – as soon as at my disposal will appear the technological capabilities.

-Julia Kononenko



Julia is a designer from Ukraine. She lives in a wonderful creative family where her ideological inspirers and helpers are her husband and a lady-cat. She finished art school, and then graduated at the Faculty of “Industrial Design” in the city of Kharkov. After graduation, she began to actively create projects and take part in competitions. Now, 80% of the projects she creates and implements are joint projects with her husband. See more of her artworks in Behance and her website.