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ECO Vehicles

ECO Vehicles

Grigoras alex
June 29, 2017
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I've been inspired by the new trend of ecology all around the world so I wanted to capture the present and the future of the vehicles that use no fuel. Everyone wants to live in a world with no pollution and fresh air. The steps that have been made in this direction are slow, but have a huge impact on our lives already. Vehicles using only electricity are super cool and fun around the city. So, leave your car at home and take an electric bike!

I've wanted to explore a new style of illustration and challenge myself. Drawing in a specific style for a while now made me build on the same minimalist backbone. I'm very proud of the way this project turned out ?

I've used Photoshop and Wacom Intuos for this illustration project. Also, a few brushes I've collected during the years helped me lot. At first, I always start with basic sketches and then I build on them. I normally leave the drawings "to rest" for a couple of days and then I get back. It's a very effective way of seeing the mistakes with fresh eyes. After I'm happy with the sketches I start to block in the shapes and bring everything together. I normally stick to a very limited color palette so that everything is united into one single story and not ruin everything. It is important for me to work with the artworks side by side because that keeps everything consistent. Then, at the end, I add little effects (like the subtle grunge shadows) and wrap everything up.

People's reaction to the project was amazing. Everyone sent congrats messages and let me know how much love they have for my artwork. This project was another challenge for me because I wanted to explore a different side of my interpretation of the real world objects and bring a new light on the matter of ECO vehicles.

Keep drawing with no excuse.

grigoras alex

Vector illustrator with a great passion for all artistic fields.

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