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Editorial - Vroum - BIS Studio Graphique

Editorial - Vroum - BIS Studio Graphique

BIS Studio
June 16, 2018
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Some smoke, squeaky tires, engines roar... Look no further, you are reading VROUM.

What is VROUM? VROUM is our answer to everyone who thought that they knew everything about « car tuning ».

In a world where the "Tuners" (the guys who modify their cars) seem weird, improbable, apart and often mocked (and more specialy in France); VROUM decides to take the opposite and magnifies these atypical profiles.
Big bass in the trunk, neons under the 4 sides of the car, pierced catalytic pot, extravagant exterior modifications etc.

With VROUM "ugly" becomes "beautiful".

The idea was to create a book about car tuning using actual graphic design codes to make beautiful this thing which is perceived as a very strange thing in France.
To make it possible, we chose to use some delicate materials all along the book. We chose to work with layers, special papers etc.
The packaging was made with Japanese thin paper.
Concerning graphic design, we chose to create very aesthetic layout mixing photography and typography.

We used posca pens to realise llustrations, then we corrected some details with adobe Illustrator.
We used adobe photoshop to manipulateur some pictures.
Finaly we did the layout with adobe indesign which is for us the best tool to make books.

People reaction was very good to this project. The project was featured on behance's aiga members gallery less than 1 week after that we post it on behance. Then 2 weeks later the project was also featured on behance but in the graphic design gallery with others editorial projects.

We can say that people reacted well to this project.

The graphic design studio is composed by 2 freelance designer : Hugues Carrere & Lilian Chevallier

BIS Studio Graphique Behance account :

Hugues Carrere :
Lilian Chevallier :

BIS Studio

Graphic design studio based in Toulouse, France.

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