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Edna’s Revenge

Edna’s Revenge

John Rego
August 1, 2021
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A modern day take on a medieval hunting tapestry. A large cat is hunted amongst the tenants at the Cat Tree apartments. This piece was part of my MFA thesis at the School of Visual Arts.

The project was inspired by medieval hunting tapestries, as well as the odd nature of cat trees.

I created the painting with acrylics on wood. I began by making a rough sketch on procreate half the size, I then transferred the sketch to the wood panel and added a layer of clear gesso over the drawing. After that, I slowly built up the image with opaque then transparent layers of acrylic paints.

This project taught me how to properly plan a large scale and long term painting. People responded generally well to Edna’s Revenge as well as the other painting in the series.

Edna’s Revenge will be on display at SVA’s Chelsea Gallery in November 2021. Aspic Hunt (the other painting in the series) can be seen in my website, and at Superchief Gallery in New York, NY.

John Rego

John Rego is a freelance illustrator and painter living in Jersey City, NJ. His work is inspired by the absurdities of the human and natural world. Primarily working in acrylics, his artwork references pop-surrealism, daily observations, and 19th Century scientific illustration. He is a goose enthusiast and can eat two pounds of grapes in one sitting. John Rego has experience in editorial, fine art painting, package design, and narrative illustration.

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