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Mariana Martins de Oliveira
November 16, 2017
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Effusus (juncus effusus), is the latin name for the aquatic plant called rush. My work is based on the rush effect in the area where I photographed.
Nature is definitely my thing but I am tired of regular images of great fields similar to postcards or something.
My idea was to cross the borders of what is beauty and what is visible. The challenge was to produce an image completely from my imaginary.

I am working at the possibilities of the basic fuji instax 100 machine. Since the day I bought my fuji camera that I am completely obsessive with it. But, at the same way that I am using regularly my camera, I am thinking about how many ways can I use it to explore the expanded world of the photography.

Use softwares are definitely not my thing! The only tool that I used was my fuji. I went to the place at the end of the morning and I extra-exposed my camera to the sun light and I used the flash after the exposition.

People really enjoyed my new project.
I learned that everything is possible with the image and photograph medium. We have to not be fear of trying new things and new ways to create a image. That is the most interesting and exciting thing.

Mariana Martins de Oliveira

Young freelance photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.
Obsessed with analog photography and snapshot.

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