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Ivan Voznyak
May 5, 2017
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"EGO" is a fashion studio with a strictly personal approach to each client or fashion partner. The basis of the studio's work is attention to detail, perfection of form and content in interaction with the style carrier. The studio is always happy to host new adherents of egocentrism and amuse their vanity with fresh Swiss chocolate and true Scotch whiskey.

The realization of the ego-ideas began after I visited this studio and I got used to the philosophy of fashion-transforming the soul and appearance. Starting with materials and ideas and ending with the final implementation, I was guided by visual simplicity and conceptualism in the perception of graphic images. I created a conceptual logo system, as well as additional systems of brand identity for interaction with things and clients. Then I expand this style, make it dynamic and alive. Any project of mine is a set of interconnected and complementary ideas and elements.

Dynamic system of brand identity consisting of three ego-components:
I. Ilogical in reading logo, reflecting the essence of the growing in the progression of the ego.
II. The ego-philosophy of the six points, based on the six postulates of the real egocentric (strengthening, insolence, attraction, magic, passion and secret).
III. The system of ego-sides that left an imprint on four structures of all material (on water, stone, wood and air).
Style is obliged to sell, but this is not enough, it must contain rock’n’roll note. Illustrator and Photoshop are my rock’n’roll friends.

Feedback from the people has been positive and useful on many social and design networks, websites and blogs to creative communities with extensive international reach. I remember the project with my dynamics, excellent communication with inspired people and an extremely interesting process of realizing all ideas.

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