Ek Number CBD Chocolates

Ek Number (literally translated to Number One in Hindi) is a branding and a packaging design project for CBD/Ganja infused chocolates.
The project is a visual identity proposal for an Indian based company preparing to enter a potential CBD market in India itself.
The company also aims to delve into other confectiona=ery items later and the branding is done with that kept in mind too.

At the core, the brand links to the subculture and unorganized sector of “Ganja” distribution in India. The brand mascot is the middle-aged female head which a stoner would bump into to get their “Goodies”. Stoners in India would be very familiar with this figure 😉. Apart from the glorified mascot, the visual identity plays with a strong contrasting color scheme which we call the Bindi Red and Jaipur Sky Blue. The Indian Yellow serves as the base color.
The colors were inspired by confectionery/dairy brands.

In all, there were three people worked on the project, a creative director, a character designer and a cel animator (an inbetweener) .In terms of tools, Blender was used for 3D shots and representation of the package designs, Photoshop was used for conceptualization of the character, Illustrator for the package graphics and finally TV Paint to create the animations.
The creative director planned out the required elements of the identity and then approached the other artists. The director had the visual themes, the vision of the company and key references in place for the other artists to see. They took that away and did their own thing. Finally director put everything together for the client presentation.

Overall, the result was something fresh and everybody liked it.
Though there could be some sensitive cultural nerves that we might be ticking off, so while the products are getting ready we planned to expose the branding to random people and get their reactions. They’ve been good so far but the real test would be how the market at large absorbs it once it’s released.

In India, in general, there is a lack of design appreciation. Companies haven’t caught up to the fact that design can be a game changer in their businesses.
So all the nascent design setups like ours have two duties to be fulfilled. One is producing good design and the other is spreading more awareness through evidence and case studies. Non Zero aims to do just that. More than willing to help out anyone with new design endeavors in India. www.nonzero.space

Aman Vig

I manage a small design team in one of the busiest cities in India, Mumbai.
We work on visual identity systems and motion graphic projects.