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El Mar - The Sea

El Mar - The Sea

Maja Sejdinovic
August 30, 2018

Illustrations inspired by the seaside, freedom and connection between femininity and the sea.
This personal project seeks to present the allegory of summer, playful and wild spirit.
Exploring the deep blue sea and our inner self, playing with the gifts that nature gave us.

I came up with an idea for this illustrations during my summer vacations in Montenegro.
It was just a casual evening in my apartment after all day of swimming and diving.
I grabbed my digital pen and I just started to make drawings in Photoshop, it was subconsciously...freestyle, I can tell.

I draw and painted it digitally with Wacom Intuos Black Graphic Tablet
I used Photoshop CC for doing this from the beginning because it is the easiest way and most of the illustrations that inspire me used this medium, but sometimes I like to make traditional sketches with pencil and paper.

I only had good reviews about this project, especially on Instagram where I like to post some of my creative work, and also on Behance, I got nice reactions so I was pretty satisfied. In my opinion, this illustration is a little bit childish, I was experimenting with that way of expressing and I think that people liked it more than I did.

I used handwriting typography in the Spanish language because really associates me with the seaside and shore of Costa Brava in Spain where I lived for three years, by the sea.

Maja Sejdinovic

Illustrator and visual artist currently based in Belgrade, Serbia. Since a very young age, I've always had a deep passion for Art in any form. I work both digitally and traditionally. I'm finding inspiration in femininity, mythology, nature, symbology, history, fashion, music, movies and theater and I like to say that my personal projects are some kind of psychological portraits of 21st century women.

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