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El Peñotillo

El Peñotillo

Javi Lorbada
January 8, 2020
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Winter afternoon at Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain.

Snow comes later and later every winter, yet in November 2019, there was the first heavy snowfall of the season, which left and spectacular scenery.

Heavy winds, clouds rolling in and out made it more complex to shot, yet more satisfying.

This project wasn't as previously researched as others, I simply choose a day that it looked great on the weather forecast and headed to the mountains, then the unexpected happened.

In post-production, I choose a subtle hue color for the project, trying to replicate what I had seen.

My process is rather simple, I prefer to spend time in the outdoors than behind the computer.

Shot on Fujifilm X-T3 and various lenses, XF18-55mm, XF55-200mm, XF100-400mm, this was around 3-hour shooting, until dark.
Renamed and sorted using Photo Mechanic.
Basic editing in Lightroom.
Finishing retouches in Photoshop.

For some reason, this project really caught the attention of many, yet, I believe I was at the right place, at the right time. In the mountains, the weather is unpredictable, especially in days like this one, where the wind was so strong, and there were clouds rolling on and off, it could have gone south and would have come back home with nothing but a cold windy evening in nature.

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Javi Lorbada

Javi Lorbada is a Madrid based adventure and travel photographer.

Born and raised in Spain; at his twenty-four he moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, seeking new opportunities in his career as a mobile software developer.

During his time in Amsterdam, Javi developed a strong connection with multicultural people and started his affection to discover more about the world, its different cultures, its people, its landscapes. That triggered his passion for photography and sharing it with friends and family.

After six and a half years he decided to quit his software development job and going away for more than eight months, he traveled through Nepal, Jordan, Chile, India, Australia and New Zealand among other places and decided to try on this passion. Always hunger for adventure, any time of the year you'll find Javi on the road, hiking through rugged mountains, skiing with friends, or sleeping in his tent seeking for sunsets and sunrises.

Along the way Javi learned to convey a story through his eyes, which constantly shares with the world by writing about his journey. With the clear idea of ditching from city life, he moved back to Spain pursuing new horizons, re-discovering his backyard and share his unique perspective.

He specializes in lifestyle, landscape, sports, and travel photography, helping brands to transmit their message.

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