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Valentina Ramos Martínez
March 5, 2020

✷Find the vibration of your element ✷
✧ This project talks about a deep personal interest, that impact and touch every part of my life. I've always wanted that we all understand the strength that the elements of nature have in each one of us throughout our lives, if we understand and vibrate in the harmony of the element that is most connected to us, we could discover and control that natural magic that we wear within.

✷ throughout my life, my beliefs about the role that we, as humans, played in the world, They have been attracted by different aspects such as astrology, esotericism, among other things, and the elements of nature are essential to understand how we are all connected, vibrating in the astral plane, making evident this role that i was talking about.
Graphic methods such as poster and illustration create an atmosphere and pose a solution in this project, since they make the message I wish to convey viral and reproducible.

The Rapidograph is a tool that has always been connected to my artistic processes, and creates a fluent bridge between the ideas in my mind and the paper in front of me.
In the other hand, Adobe Photoshop have been my partner in crime, it makes my life easier and fits perfectly in all of my illustration projects.

being a project that talks about something universal and closer to all of the humans, the people automatically identifies with the element and feels some kind of intimacy with it, cause the connection that you have with your element is genuine and uncomparable.

Valentina Ramos Martínez

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