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BelKharmoudi Aziz
September 4, 2016

ELITE GUARD is a luxury and military grade security smartphone, designed for the international elite. This luxury smartphone boasts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor with 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 200GB of internal storage, AMOLED Quad-HD 5.5in screen, a high-end sound system that uses a dedicated Audio Processing Unit, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, support for 24 bands LTE compatibility so it can be a "global phone", plus using 802.11ac 2x2 MU-MIMO the phone can reach three times the bandwidth of a standard smartphone; there's also WiGig Wi-Fi, which pushes data transfer to 4.6Gbps, USB Type-C, a 24-megapixel camera, with laser autofocus and four-tone flash,Qualcomm Quick Charge for fast charging, and a Powerful 5,000 mAh Li-Ion battery with backup option, military grade security smartphone 256-bit AES encryption Calls and Messaging service. Hardware based, end-to-end encrypted VoIP calls and messages, End-to-end encrypted email. On-device cyber threat protection against physical, network and malware threats – online detection and proactive protection. On device and remote applications for handling smartphone's theft and loss scenarios – full disk encryption, locate, lock, wipe the device, factory reset protection, DM Verity, and Verified Boot. Periodical security up-to-date.

My idea is if you can spend a lot of money on a watch, why not on a smartphone with exclusive design, craftsmanship, Tailored services, and that offers the best hardware Components with military grade security encryption and high level of cyber protection.
The smartphone case will be made of a solid titanium plate. The key advantages of titanium are its unique protection properties and lightness. Titanium is widely used in the aerospace industry and in high-end products. The rich grey color and satin-finished of the smartphone case is achieved using PVD-coating. This technique is widely used in the manufacture of expensive Swiss watches and increases the product’s surface resistance to scratches.

The process started by defining a problem and a scenario in which I would design a solution. After that I started the research phase exploring many different ideas, Once the design is fixed, I started to create a CAD model. Finally, i render the 3d model with Keyshot and I used Photoshop for the post production.

At this time this project has appeared in behance, some websites, etc, therefore I’ve received a lot of positive comments, views and likes and feedbacks from many people about the project. and many people was really interested in Buying the smartphone.

BelKharmoudi Aziz

As STEVE JOBS once said “people with passion can change the world ”. I’m autodidactic Product and graphic designer, and Since my childhood, I has shown great passion for design and high-tech science, I believe that design is not anything superficial. This is an approach that achieves objectives, find solutions. It is a real lever for progress, innovation, and invention. It is a place of crystallization of all human disciplines, design is a way of thinking, of determining people’s true underlying needs, and then delivering products and services that help them. Design combines an understanding of people, technology, culture, society, and business. I'm passionate about my work, and extremely motivated to maintain a high standard. I don’t hesitate to take responsibility, I would describe myself as pragmatic, talented, passionate, prolific creative, sociable, reliable person. My interests range from design, and graphic art through high-tech science and business World.
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  1. 'Have been reading about this product for a while and at the same time i have been expecting it to be released. When and where can I find it?

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