Elixir by Mohammed Awad

Elixir ( by Social Vibes ) is a Music based Social media app which Streams Music to users by musical artists and companies.

Elixir is done for Social Vibes online company which based in South Africa. It’s an app that integrates music and social interaction, giving them a whole new experience with listening to music and connecting with friends. Elixir offers a new avenue, protected from piracy, to share and promote music to followers and friends. A general interest has been created on local music by other African countries, Europe and North America. Local artists’ music is always available for global real-time streaming.

-Mohammed Awad







About Mohammed Awad

Mohammed Awad is a 24-year-old Freelance user interface designer based in Mansoura, Egypt which he was born and grew up. He studied computer science at Engineering & technology academy while he do some web design and coding that he likes as a hobby. His professional way starts in last year of the university when he worked in a website for the academy. After that he loved that way and start to learn more about web & UI/UX Design. He read some books about UI/UX that helped him a lot to understand how to achieve user needs with effortless way. He is working for more than 2 years now as a freelancer and happy to work with some great companies in Europe and the Americas. You can find more about his works by visiting his Behance profile.