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Catarina S.
February 4, 2020
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A short guide that's easily consulted and aimed at young entrepreneurs, teaching them the four fronts to entrepreneurship. I designed and illustrated what was meant to be an editorial project mainly aimed at a younger and more diverse crowd. Seeing as the subject can sometimes be a bit dense, illustrations were strategically placed to serve as a nice break and give the guide an approachable feeling.

The inspiration behind the project was largely the overall aesthetics of the Canva Marketing Strategy. The project was intended as a guide and one that would be easily consulted. Therefore, the choice of colours had to be a bold and differentiating one, as well as the strategic use of illustrations to better explain the more abstract concepts the guide featured, given the content (economics, business, etc).

Mostly Adobe Creative Cloud, in this case Illustrator for the illustrations and InDesign for the editorial aspect of the project. My illustration work is, almost always, mixed media; meaning, I start by sketching everything by hand and complete the work on the computer. In this particular case, I sketched everything and then retraced and coloured on Adobe Illustrator.

The overall response was very positive and pleasant. People thoroughly enjoyed how colourful and easily read the project was. Seeing as the subject can sometimes be a bit dense, the illustrations were a nice break and gave the guide a nice touch and approachable feeling.

Catarina S.

I'm a driven and flexible multi-disciplinary graphic designer, that specializes in editorial design, as well as print and digital media. As a proficient editorial designer, with years of experience both in the job market and in freelance, I have also gained an interest in UI&UX design and have worked to further develop my skills in the area by enrolling in specialized education. I love to learn and am always happy to gain new skills!

Skills: editorial design, UI&UX, prototyping, typesetting, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe XD, Sketch

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