Energy by Nikita Tyurin

Nikita Tyurin faced a challenge to redesign the web-site of the pneumatic hydro-abrasive machines “Energy”, which are unique in Russia. This machines use no dust technology having several significant advantages compared to common dust blasting technology. The main task was to make this site simple and clear for all kind of clients.

Initially, he defined the main point of all the upcoming work: he was neither given much information related to this machines and technology, nor was lucky to find some of it on the internet. I faced a challenging task – to create a new convincing graphical content for the new site. Realistically designed technical illustrations were chosen to be the main visual identification of the new project.

I have thoroughly analyzed the subject-matter of the given web-site and revealed some clear competitive advantages of the technology and the machine; I have built a consistent structure of data submission to answer the basic questions about machine “Energy”: what is the site about? who is it made for? how does it work? why is it better than the other machines? how much does it cost?

I have divided all the information related to the machine into several conceptual parts, which formed landing page. Each part gives a coherent and detailed description of the machine, leading the client to the ordering.

– Nikita Tyurin

I used Adobe Photoshop for all graphic works and illustrations. I did my best to make them look as realistic as possible, considering every detail, by searching schemes with scale compliance of all objects and using real photos as references.

– Nikita Tyurin

Many people fall in love with so detailed and realistic illustrations on the new site. It’s glad to hear because I have spent about 1.5 months for creating all illustrations and graphic for this site. The main sense of this project for me is “all kind of products can be shown in spectacular and clear way”.

– Nikita Tyurin

About Nikita Tyurin

I’m 28-year-old web designer from Yaroslavl, Russia. Nowadays I am freelancer working with some regional digital agencies. I’m fall in love with all kind of pixel-perfect raster graphic and illustrations. Always ready to any interesting and complex content projects such as product and promo sites.