Enne Aromas

Enne Aromas is a brand of aromatic products, handmade. Created from the need to use products without so many chemical additives, such as those found easily on the market and are produced on a large scale; The founder and artisan Nelson Calheiros Jr. aims to offer purer products with natural aromas, thus creating a connection with those who consume them and making the experience more humane.

The brand name symbolizes the first letter present in the founder’s name. Also is a palindrome, that is, it can be read backwards, without changing the meaning of the word.

In mathematics the letter “n” is a representation of the nth number, used to refer any indefinite number. Being so, the letter became a popular expression, generally used in Brazil to describe an immeasurable number of things.
In the brand, the expression represents the infinite possibilities of scent, that can be used and found in products.

The main objective of the project was to create an identity that reflected the personality of the artisan, while at the same time referring to a brand of handmade products for the cosmetics area.

The beige color chosen to compose the symbol, represents the connection with the earth, which is where most of the aromas come from, and receives as a complement the black to represent the sophistication of unique products, made by hand, making them special. The construction of the logotype consists of an icon created from the initial letter of the founder’s name “Nelson”, and is complemented by a serif-vintage all caps typography, with the purpose of referring the origins of the aromatic products.

The initial logo process was made through sketches using a notepad and then finalized in softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

First of all, I always look for competing companies and the history of the company on the internet. After all this iterative process I make some sketches and approve with the client. Then I start working on Illustrator, testing different colors and typography that I chose earlier.

The whole process is very exhausting, but getting to the end and seeing the result is very exciting.

Very well! I’m so grateful to make a part of this. And all the time that I “spent” working hard on this project was worth it.

I learned a lot more about logo construction and how a brand impacts someone’s life.

Never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult it is to reach them.

Guilherme Antonino

Graduated in Graphic Design and Post Graduate in Design Web Apps; with passage in I.T. and some advertising agencies.