Entre Cidades

This project is called “Entre cidades” which means “between cities”. I decided to call it because it was photographed on the D.Luis I Bridge which is the link between the city of Porto and Gaia.
The bridge D.Luis I is one of the historical landmarks of the city of Porto that is located in the north of Portugal.

This project came on a trip with some friends and I decided to capture some of those moments.
I used a 600D cannon camera and a 50mm lens. I love the 50mm lens especially because I use a lot of blur in my photos. In my edition, I try to make the photos look like what is happening at the moment. I used the mix between black and white and colors.

I used the adobe lightroom for photo editing.
I just added some clarity, changed little bit in colors and in contrast. I used warm colors because it always brings more happiness to the photosand that’s what I wanted to demonstrate.

The people who saw it liked it for being a simple project and for demonstrating the joy of the moment. I always learn something with my photos, and the important thing is to be in constant learning to always improve the capabilities of each artist.

I hope you enjoy my project as much as I enjoyed doing it

Diana Monteiro

Freelance photographer.
Born and raised in the most beautiful city of Portugal, “Antiga, Mui Nobre, Sempre Leal e Invicta Cidade do Porto”.