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Cherry Qi
April 24, 2017

Design a nut packaging for Pistachios, which is a healthy and natural snack. As it is recognized that pistachio is good for improving eyesight, an 'eye chat' concept is being proposed here to be the key visual for this packaging by playing around with the format and key message.

The research was deeply done according to its benefit specifically. I found out that pistachios are good for improving eyesight. By pushing that unique selling point further into build up the entirely new brand and packaging, an 'eye chart' concept is come up to interact with audience to raise the awareness.

The green is chosen as the color scheme because of its healthy & organic strength. The monotone green color is showing a premium and positive brand image in the marketplace compared with the other similar products.

The glass bottle as the materials of the containers is showing that Enut is a sustainable brand.

It's done mainly with Adobe photoshop and Illustration.

The key problem in the packaging is how to minimize the key features wording things into a minimal & clear look into packaging design which allowed it to be recognized. So a wide range of layout design is being tested in the screen as well as in the real world (supermarket).

People are happy with the minimal outcomes and they can get the message from the visual eye chart thing directly. I guess test print and ask away in the crowded is the best way to see if the work is successful or not.

Cherry Qi

I’m Cherry Qi, a design thinker and storyteller born in Shanghai and now living in Melbourne. Keen on details and anything creative but also with a good reason.

I am a passionate creative with an innovative approach and fine art background. With two years experience in design industry both in Shanghai and Sydney, my clients including OPPO Australia, The gallery Shanghai, Rawimpact to name a few. Stick to branding & storytelling, I am an open-minded brand planner with solid design professions to help start-up company to build up styling unique, thoughtful and competitive brand image and marketing strategy. However, I am open to work on a diverse range of projects including publication, UX Design, wayfinding, event strategy, packaging & web design.

Yes, I also write sometimes as an on-going interest to output what I feel inspired or cool on design life. Topics are various pretty much on the instinct. Saying.. Something as simple as an experience, a talk, a moment or a thing.

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