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Envisioning Futures by Odart Graterol

Envisioning Futures by Odart Graterol

Honey Adraque
June 14, 2015

Envisioning the future is part of a test on architectural approaches to an hipotetical possible future.

- Odart Graterol

alpha scifi

"Alpha Tower " was the product of an idea on a tower whose form and materiality had to do with a hypothetical site . In this place would be available old Industrial Technology of oil installations and factories, but that through the recycling of materials . In that sense cities with buildings like this tower were reconstructed. I wanted me to have a shape that had never seen in any skyscraper. The top of the building reminds me a spaceship though.

- Odart Graterol

alpha tower1_out

ccs apocalypto_outDEF2

"Favelario "
First of a serie entitled under the name: "Caracas Apocalypto " and had to do with the organization of slums around a cylindrical structure containing the minimum services that could provide a broken populist country without resources in an apocalyptic future. They were inspired by the the slums of Petare in Venezuela and Zabaleen slum in Cairo… the latter known as “Garbage village”.

- Odart Graterol

Favelario over trash1


About Odart Graterol

Odart Graterol Prado was born in Venezuela. He is an architect and a designer, 3D modeling – rendering enthusiast, with interest in Science Fiction. Currently, he is working on some small to middle scale architectural projects and he teaches at the University too. He likes to experiment with the design and creation of unusual objects, buildings, vehicles that challenge the imagination and he pushes himself to try to imagine all of these in possible or alternate futures. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile or website.

4 comments on “Envisioning Futures by Odart Graterol”

  1. Weird but creative; creative but scary is how I will sum up the designs of both Alpha Tower and Favelario by Odart Graterol. Alpha Tower is a design unheard of and is totally futuristic in its looks. Favelario on the other hand is an out of this world job. Highly impressed by the amount of detailing done by the designer on both the designs.

  2. This is scary stuff and what's frightening is that although it may seem like sci-fi it's totally feasible. The Favela design is especially haunting considering the developing overpopulation crisis combined with great poverty. I only hope your designs don't come true, as beautiful as they are. I guess they work as warnings. The Alpha Tower is fun though, I like the way it looks like an elevator that doesn't go anywhere, just in a loop.

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