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EO - Speaker

EO - Speaker

Pascal grangier
February 7, 2019
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This project is about rethinking how we interact with music, it is a concept of speaker that offers a new way of interacting with music using color tones.
Different tones of colours and intensity are used to match with your moods, then you can easily find what you feel like listening.
A calm playlist is associated with pastel blue tones and if you feel want to be more energized go to the orange and yellow tones, all of this can be customised by the user.

I think that nowadays most of the music we listen is though a list of name and songs that can be hard to choose from.
But what if we start to pay attention to our how we feel during the day to pick the music we want ?

The ideas started with a pen and a sketchbook to then create a series of quick 3D Rhino models to evaluate the different concepts.
I finally picked one concept to refine and started to make a physical model out of cardboard, this really helps me in my process to check the proportions of the product and how it feels in the space. Its something that you cannot get with just working in 3D.

I had in mind to make a visual prototype that I could use for my presentation to achieved that I have 3D printed the model to make it look closer to what the final product would be.

This project helped me to improve my process, I tried to create a complete design process from the ideas to 3d model and later on to create a more realistic and physical prototype. Im really interested to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to share what you think of it !

pascal grangier

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