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Equity Real Estate

Equity Real Estate

Alfredo J. Márquez
September 13, 2017
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Equity Real Estate delivers an unique and exclusive experience to property owners, by planning and executing a custom made plan for each one of them. We had the challenge to create a sophisticated trademark that enhanced Equity's services and that connected with its clientes drivers and drivers.

We developed Equity Real Estate trademark inspired by the added value it offers to its clients. A common attribute on finance and real estate, Equity delivers the whole concept of added value in one simple yet powerful word.

Inspired by the exponential growth of vertical constructions in the state, we designed a memorable isotype that endures the letter 'E' (from Equity) and that reflected buildings and skyscrapers now common in the city.

We developed sketches that help us explore different approaches that reflected the essence of Equity, once we had accomplished a memorable and powerful approach, we crafted the current trademark, with its unique and lean style that attracts people by its simplicity.

Equity has grown since its launch two years ago, it has been able to differentiate from other real estate brands and to expand its presence on people's minds with its current positioning campaign The Equity Experience, reaching new markets and clients in a digital environment, by creating useful and interesting content for its followers.

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