Erbgħin Kreattiv Magazine Covers by Andrew Carter

The aim of this project was to promote a large team consisting of 40 creative people. The number “40” was used instead of the word “forty” which makes the whole design more interesting and attention getting. Read on and enjoy!

Artworks were built to express creativity and originality and by doing so one extends the characteristics of typography.

“We are a large group of creative people – over 40 working on each project that will come out of this collaborative, which is a large team, and a distinctive quality hence part of our identity. It shows that we have varied abilities & talents, and that we are a community. The Maltese words in the title, and the subtle nods to design aspects in Malta, also show that we are proud of our heritage and culture.”

“We are a community of dynamic creative people who express our unique culture to an international audience through exclusive contemporary art.”

– Andrew Carter




How I made it:
The technique used is ‘camera shake’ while pressing the shutter button. I also selected a shutter speed that is slightly slower than normal to enhance the effect.

Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture 2018

– Andrew Carter




About Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter’s interest in Graphic Design and Digital Manipulation started from a very young age. He started to inspire himself from other’s work and familiarize himself with photo editing software. After having acquired certain skills, he started looking out for different inspirational sources. Most of the work he produces nowadays are all derived from his dreams. He wakes up in the middle of the night and sketch what he would have dreamt. The following morning, he gets up and examine the sketches until he finds something which captures his interest. He’s very innovative and he always try different styles so not to limit himself. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.