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Erik, Jules & Patrick by Emanuele Tortora

Erik, Jules & Patrick by Emanuele Tortora

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October 30, 2015
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The idea behind the project is to create a set of records whose purpose is to have a better consciousness and profound awareness of the environment in which photographer Emanuele Tortora lives. To show this vision, he decided to use 3 characters to help him in this exploration: Erik the Dolphin, Jules the Pig and Patrick the Deer. Everyone has their own personal nature: Erik is very curious but at the same time hasty. Jules has a sensitive soul despite his bravery. Patrick is more reserved and often whiny. Let's hop on in their adventure.




I was thinking of my niece and I focused on the way in which a child discovers the world by playing. So I bought these three animal toys in a bookstore and decided to "give them life" and see the world with through their eyes and trying to get my childish gaze back at the same time. This created a surreal atmosphere on the shoots.
-Emanuele Tortora




I mainly get my inspiration from everyday life for example a talk with a friend, or a lonely walk trough the city on the way back home. Obviously books and magazines give a lot of help and movies can be an infinite source of ideas, but my main objective is to always be creative looking at the world in a personal way. If you are successful you will ultimately leave a personal mark with your photography.
-Emanuele Tortora



Emanuele Tortora

Listen to yourself and find a way to express your vision.
-Emanuele Tortora





For this project I used a point and shoot camera as i wanted to create a very simple and direct image , without all the complexity and superfluity that a professional camera usually entails. As I said before I wanted to see the world with the eyes of a child even though I'm an adult.
-Emanuele Tortora

Emanuele Tortora

Emanuele Tortora

Emanuele Tortora

About Emanuele Tortora

Emanuele Tortora, born on December 1982 in Vicenza, Italy. He attended a art and humanities high school and went on to gain a diploma in Cultural Heritage Conservation,which made him a professional restorer. He got into photography in 2002 which led him to pursue professional training. In 2010, he joined Fabrica, a creative research center managed by Benetton Group, eventually working as a freelance photographer for many years. He left Fabrica in 2012 and has been working as a freelance since. See more of his works on Behance.

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