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Escritorio Pongo- A Desk for Modern Needs

Escritorio Pongo- A Desk for Modern Needs

Lorenzo Vega
August 29, 2019
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Lorenzo Vega and Vicente Quintana designed a desk that optimize the workflow keeping things in order.
The focus of this design is to integrate digital and analog methods of work on a single desk while keeping it simple with a minimal aesthetic.

The needs and constrains of a dedicated space of work has changed over the years, specially on the age of laptops and smartphones but people still use some analog methods such as post-its although to a lesser extent.

All of decisions that took to design this desk where based on observations of different people from different contexts using standard desktops on a daily bases

Also, this desk is 100% assembled and all its pieces are cut up by CNC machine. So ,once the machine cut the piece of plywood, there is practically no need of another manufacturing process like gluing or painting. in regards to the assembling process, the pieces where designed in such way that is easy for one person to do it, without requiring any kind of tool.

This piece of furniture one of many products by the company "Pongo". All of their designs are 100% assembled and follow the same concept of simplicity and usefulness for a modern way of life. Check out more designs like this on

Lorenzo Vega

Im a Industrial designer from santiago, chile, intrested in drawing, furniture and simplicity but allways considering the emotional side

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