Everydays – October 2017

I definitely try and learn something new each day, even if it something extremely small. That is really the entire point of everydays, to learn and grow. I’m usually so excited to try something new that I don’t really think that much at all. The pictures themselves are more of just a way to help facilitate that, but they are not the actual point of the exercise for me. A lot of my ideas start out very simple and then I try them and they fail and then I go from there and try to salvage something from it. I very rarely have a super thought out idea when I sit down.

I watch a lot of demo reels and artist’s online portfolio. There is so much awesome work out there that you are constantly inundated with on a daily basis that at times I find it can be a bit daunting. There are so many people doing amazing work in a variety of fields.
There’s no shortage of people for me to look up to. But then I kind of remember to take it one day at a time and try to do some of my own cool stuff, even those most of the time I feel like it blows.

There are many software programs for doing this. But for me I mostly use Cinema 4D and After Effects. I have also been using Photoshop a lot as that is what I’m currently doing for my everydays project. My everydays are made entirely from scratch everyday.

People in the community well responded to the project by saying that the project has empowered me. I have a ton of ideas to start from as bases. I can try things out really quickly to see if it’s worth pursuing any further. Sometimes it is and most of the time it’s not. It’s a really great way to learn new skills or hone your existing ones.

Luqman Ashaari

I’m a passionate Visual Director / Motion Graphic Artist working in the creative industry who is constantly trying to keep the creative muscle in action. I’m interested in creation of a wide variety of motion graphic projects mainly based on 3D elements with Cinema 4D and Adobe Suite. I love designing, so I started a daily project called ”Everyday’s”, where I will be creating something cool everyday to boost my modeling skills and learn new stuff. I am available to work on collaborations, exhibitions and academic invitation