Everything Is Okay, Until It’s Not

“Everything is okay, until it’s not” it’s and advertising print proposal for Reliance.
In this case i combine a mix of photo-manipulation with an isometric illustration style.
The concept relies on the disbelieve that everyone thinks that nothing bad ever comer to them.

The idea came because of the famous believe that most of us have – tragedies only happen to strangers, never to ourselves.
This way of thinking makes people be more careless with their lives, so what better concept for a life insurance company?!
Having this idea in mind and with an isometric illustration to enhance the idea of isolation, i created this series of two prints, where you can see people in an unlikely dangerous situation. Than to finalize, the headline says it all – “Everything is okay, until it’s not”.

It started on my notebook, where i always star to sketch my drafts. Despite living in a digital era, i think it’s important to not disregard the traditional drawing. After that i start by doing basic shapes on photoshop and then adding picture by picture to the artwork, always having in mind the color tones and the lights/shadows so that everything looks uniform and realistic.

I think the project got great feedback, it even got featured on behance, on the advertising curated gallery. Mostly because of the concept, but also because of it’s execution – i only used photoshop – and where usually you see a big team behind a project like this, in this particular case i did everything by myself, from conceptualization to art direction/copy-writing to the final post-production retouching.

Please check out my behance page for more of my works – https://www.behance.net/MiniHulk

Rui Gonçalves

Hey there! My name is Rui Gonçalves, and i’m a portuguese art director/graphic designer.
I remember that it was at an early age that my passion for drawing began, as the years passed by that passion lead me to graphic design and recently to art direction in advertising. I’m very passionate on what i do and i’m aware that doing what i love for a living is just awesome. I clearly have a thing for animal/nature related works (yes, i’m aware of that too) being what inspires me the most. I love to improve my skills and i wont stop until i’ll be the best i can be.
I’m always interested in new challenges so if you want my services, please get in touch at [email protected]