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Executive chair

Executive chair

Dubraska Carolina Rodríguez Matín
January 14, 2018
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Executive chair made for meeting rooms. It is an executive model chair specifically for dispatch or out of meetings, has a lever on the right side which allows you to control the height of the chair becoming lower or higher, also has a tilting mechanism which is responsible for the inclination of the back making it more rigid or becoming more pleasant.

It is inspired by a drop of water, to design the executive chair, took the fluidity that has a drop and the waves left in the water to let it fall, reflected both in the ribs of the spider legs and in the shells of plastic and likewise to achieve the union or integration of the tilting mechanism to the design of the chair.

The base or legs of the chair is made of plastic has 5 legs that give greater support and stability to the user. To this base or core, to this core is added a piston which is attached to the hydraulic system followed by the seat that has a plastic base which contain internal ribs, then a MDF board bolted to it and then a layer of polyurethane foam which serves as a mattress for the user, to conclude, the foam is lined / covered with fabric.

Attached to the tilting mechanism is the start of the back, it has a plastic shell with internal ribs and supports similar to the seat.
The color of the sample chair is gray plastic with black seats for the entire area of the fabric.

I used papers, pencils and markers to draw the main ideas and studied each piece that makes up a chair and I realized that a large percentage of executive chairs for meeting rooms does not have:

- A tilting mechanism that helps the comfort or interaction of the user with the chair.
- Sufficient stability at the base of the chair.
- Lumbar support.

Although it is considered that these chairs are designed for short periods of time since these meetings do not represent most of the day for the executive, these points are considered to be improved since by achieving greater comfort it is ensured that the user does not become distracted or lose concentration because it is uncomfortable.

After adjusting the measurements to my idea I used AutoCad, to perform 3D modeling and keyshot to render the chair.

The novelties of this product stand out in transforming the conventional design of the executive chairs to a simpler and more elegant shape, modifying the conventional pieces that are responsible for fixing the back to the seat, in addition this chair has a lever on the right side which allows to control the height of the chair becoming lower or higher, something that very few or almost no model for meeting room has, also has a tilting mechanism, which is responsible for tilt the back making it more rigid or becoming More pleasant. The interesting thing about this chair is that thanks to its curves there is a harmony in its elements as it follows the line from the back, connecting with the seat by means of an extension or extension of the tilting mechanism.

Dubraska Carolina Rodríguez Martín

Hi, my name is Dubraska Carolina Rodriguez Martin, better known as Duby, i was born in Caracas -Venezuela on November 14, 1993. I’m a product designer graduated from the I.D.C. “Instituto de Diseño de Caracas” (Caracas Design Institute) in 2017.
in mid – 2010 I had curiosity of asking Who is responsible for thinking and deciding how are the products that surround us? I was graduated from high school in 2011, with 17 years old, and entered to study mathematical sciences at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). I decided to leave the university to expand my knowledge in English at the Venezuelan American Center (CVA) “Centro Venezolano Americano” . I ended the cycle of studies graduating in 2013 in city the that saw me born and grow. Within the institution several projects were carried out, being a self-taught designer with unique concepts in what is proposed.

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