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Expo 2020 Dubai Logo Design Competition

Expo 2020 Dubai Logo Design Competition

Antonio Possemato
January 26, 2017

Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General, Dubai Expo 2020 Bureau, has officially launched a nationwide design contest for the new Expo 2020 Dubai logo. Any United Arab Emirates (UAE) resident or citizen with a desire to get creative is encouraged to be part of a defining moment in Dubai’s World Expo story by contributing a design.

This is part of the competition brief who captured me immediately and gave me the desire to showing off my capacity in brand design and compete with other designers from around the world.

The idea came slowly. I usually before taking the pencil and start drawing any model I like to focus on the name. I use a lot of time to study the location where it will position the logo, then the area and in this case I read a lot of information about this beautiful country, United Arab Emirates.

Looking at many pictures of the place, you can't help but be fascinated by the art, typical Arabic clothing, from fabrics, the fantasies that they have, and then the idea that triggered the creative inspiration is activated immediately by dropping my choice right on a texture of an artwork.

In fact, as you can well understand from the construction, the logo comes out from a main module taken from this arabic texture, then repeated and rotated respect to a central point.

The colors, in my opinion, have been fundamental to this job and so I chose the color tones that blend with the territory but above all with the event. If you think about this place, closing your eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is the desert, the sun... Orange is for one of the color force that had to be in my logo proposal. From there I took out two more inherent color and compatible to the main color but always related to the location of the event.

For brand design I always use the awesome Adobe Illustrator because it gives me all tools suited to work in this case. Initially, after many ideas sketched on paper, then step on Illustrator where the drafts become ideas and slowly come out proposals, initially in black and white. Many trials and many patience make me reaching out to get the color final proposal.

Many people have seen my project, unfortunately I did't win, but definitely a lot of people from different parts of the world have seen my work and liked it.
Challenge with other designers is beautiful because you try to give the best of yourself, there are also a lot of money to win that make you work better ?
it's also exhausting but at the end it is always nice!

Take part in a competitions is nice, it makes you feel active, even if I work in a web acency I love to participate in a competitions because that's how you can improve, comparing yourself with others!!

Antonio Possemato

Hi, I'm Antonio an Italian designer who works like a graphic designer, web designer, UX/UI designer and front end developer with 6 years of experience and a strong passion for minimal design in every field.
I started my training about design since I was child because my father has got a typography and so I passed a lot of time in his office to see his work and I fell in love right away about the color, the graphic and computer.
In 2007 I moved to Rome where I frequented until 2009 the AANT academy (Accademia delle arti e nuove tecnologie) as a graphic designer where I got the Grafico Visualizer certificate with the maximum of vote. In the same academy, in 2009, I've attended the Master in Multimedia Design who gave me the Art Direction Certificate.
Now I'm working like a designer from 6 years and I'm always fell in love about my work because this work is wonderful, create logos is wonderful, make html and css is wonderful, in the end the design is everywhere ?
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