I created this scene simply to improve my skills – Exr stands for exercise and in this scene, I focused on little different aproach to post processing, colors and overall mood. I can say that post processing was the main objective of this project.

Concerning personal projects/exercises I usually find myself in two states. First is when I don´t have any idea yet and I need to ignite spark by browsing through some inspiration and the second, when I already have that spark and this scene was the case. I knew what I want to achieve and what character scene should have. In case of style/colors, I prefer nearly monochromatic base with adition of one or two colors. At first, I thought it would be one image project focused on dining table, but during process it naturaly evolved.

I am working with 3DS Max and Corona renderer, for post processing Photoshop.

Room was created from dwg plan. I hate to create rooms from head, because modifying is usually endless. After setting up room and light I continued by composing dining table and the scene itself drag me to create also living room and the kitchen. Majority of models came from model banks. I’ve tried various combinations of models until I found one, that I liked. Simply trial and error thing.

Post processing was main phase of project. I personally like blue shadows in contrast with yellow lights and this project allowed me to go in depth with this combination, which resulted in blue/creme mood.

I got a really good response, but it must be said that the project bears a peculiar atmosphere that everyone may not like. This project taught me a different approach to the atmosphere although I do not think I will use it in commercial projects in this scale.

Overall it was fun and I will for sure return to this project to complete whole appartment.

Jozef Cabrnoch

Architectural visualization enthusiast living in Slovakia, working as a freelancer and open to any opportunity.