Minimal – Portable – Hygienic, These are the key elements behind F-T Toothbrush. A smart and elegant way to take care of your Teeth.
A functional, durable and simple style combined make F-T brush the best option for you not only while travelling also where at work and home.

I enjoy travelling and visiting new places, and that’s basically how this idea emerges. It is very important that hygienic product’s response in the best way possible to the actual need, This is a product we use daily at least twice a day and it should be a product that moves with us. In the most of the cases we have access to water sinks and bathrooms in general, but not the product that moves with us.

The process for me is something that start with a visual image in my mind were in an easy way, I can explore and change features, colours and forms. Then I normally go to Adobe Sketch to lend the idea on lines and colors. Right after, I define proportions and I star model using SOLIDWORKS- which is very precise and works pretty well for products. Later I normally use Keyshot for rendering together with Photoshop.

I hope people will feel inspired to see new alternatives in everything that surround us. I have had good comments about it and it seems like people are getting connected and attracted by the concept of portability and good design on hygiene products.

This product was developed with an environmental view. Replacing the conventional plastic handles and brush for durable seamless brushed aluminum body and silicone brush.

San R. Hernandez